Subcommittee Volunteering


Community input and guidance is necessary for any trail system to grow in a holistic direction. This is why FTI has three subcommittees: Education and Outreach, Conservation and Restoration, and Financial Sustainability. These subcommittee volunteer groups meet quarterly and assist FTI in taking Flagstaff’s trails from good to extraordinary. Each has its own purpose and goals derived from the Flagstaff Regional Trails Strategy. 

Education and Outreach

Goal F: Create a safe and fun experience for trial users

Goal G: Educate, inform and involve the community in trail stewardship

Goal H: Use trails to build the next generation of youth stewards

Conservation and Restoration

Goal D: Balance trail development and management with community conservation and natural resource goals with an emphasis on restoration

Goal E: Ensure historic and prehistoric sites, including know American Indian sacred places and traditional cultural properties, are preserved and protected for their cultural importance

Financial Sustainability

Goal I: Improve the financial sustainability of trail management

Goal J: Integrate trail planning and management with tourism and economic goals

If you are interested in this program, please reach out to FTI through the link below to get more information about this initiative.