Current Initiatives

One of the most amazing aspects of the Flagstaff Trails Initiative is our ability to create a community network around the trails in Flagstaff. Whether it is a group of trailbuilders, partnerships with business sponsors, relationships with educators or meetings of community stewards, FTI gathers all those who are invested in our trail system. Each plays a part in progressing our mission to take Flagstaff’s Trails from good to extraordinary through an FTI initiative.

Trail Academy

This program is aimed at those interested in helping maintain, construct and monitor trails in and around Flagstaff. Volunteers in the Trail Academy will get their hands dirty with onsite training on skills needed to be a leading trail volunteer in our community.

Trail Ambassadors

The description of this initiative describes it perfectly well; it is a group of engaged ambassadors of the Flagstaff trail system.

These volunteers help FTI by assisting at tabling events, promoting FTI through handing out our educational materials, helping maintain non-profit partnerships with like-minded organizations, and so much more. If you are not sure what kind of trail work you’d like to get involved with want to get your foot in the door volunteering, this is the perfect place to start.

Subcommittee Volunteering

Community input and guidance is necessary for any trail system to grow in a holistic direction. This is why FTI has three subcommittees: Education and Outreach, Conservation and Restoration, and Financial Sustainability. These subcommittee volunteer groups meet quarterly and assist FTI in taking Flagstaff’s trails from good to extraordinary. Each has its own purpose and goals derived from the Flagstaff Regional Trails Strategy.